Parish Wide Proposition 4, Fire Service Tax Renewal
By Fire Chief Craig Petit
October 31, 2018

Every 10 years the St. Charles Parish Fire Services must ask voters to renew a tax millage that is used by the nine volunteer fire departments for maintenance and operation expenses in providing fire service to the parish. The funds collected from a 1/8 cent
sales tax and millage is about 1.8 m annually. These funds are divided amongst the nine volunteer fire departments based on the amount of structures protected by the fire department. The funds are used to pay for all expenses in the maintenance and operation of fire stations, training facility, and apparatus. Some departments employee a couple of fire fighters to respond during the
week day when volunteer response is very limited.

Please Vote YES on November 6 for Proposition 4.

This is a RENEWAL ONLY, not an increase or new tax!

Attachment SCFA Fall 2018 FINAL REV2.pdf  (826k)