Haz Mat Training
By Member/Support Audrey Raziano
January 30, 2024

Mondays are for training !
Joint training tonight with members of Luling VFD, Hahnville VFD, Paradis VFD, and Bayou Gauche VFD.
A HazMat scenario was utilized for tonight’s training. The simulated call came out for a male subject down with difficulty breathing in an industrial building. The ‘victim’ was found, given medical attention, and removed from the building for further medical care. The victim’ advised firefighters of possible chemical exposures in the building. Firefighter had to then enter the building and search for the hazard. Once identified and relayed to command decisions had to be made as to the course of action to mitigate and minimize the exposure and if there was any danger to the public which could prompt a shelter in place or evacuation. While tonight’s training was a simulated drill this is a scenario that most firefighters have faced before.